With A Twist

Van Doran Brands has curated a solid cannabis lineup. Check out our products below.

Lime Boosters™

Van Doran's Cannabis Infused Boosters™ are Lime flavored nano emulsion that can be infused with your favorite beverage on the go. Add to your beverage and give it 10 - 15 minutes. You'll thank us later!

Tomato Jane™

Tomato Jane™ is our answer to those that are tired of the sweet drinks and want the perfect hangover cure! Pour over ice and enjoy the perfect high for your next game!

Dogma Cannabis

Golden Smalls

Our Dogma Golden Smalls are premium hand trimmed smalls. They come in half ounces and are the perfect quality for the everyday smoker. At Dogma, we live by a few cannabis rules. It shows in our selection!

Dogma Cannabis

Untrimmed Smalls

Our Untrimmed Smalls are for those that are looking for premium cannabis but they don't mind if their nugs are a little shaggy. Untrimmed Smalls is a great way to save cash without risking the quality.